Prayer Requests

We share prayer requests every week through an email. If you wish to be included please contact us. However, we appreciate your love and support in general prayer as follows.

Pashtun people – pray that the Holy Spirit would work in the hearts of the Pashtun people to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Pray for the governments and authorities in Pakistan and Afghanistan that they would govern with justice and integrity and be impacted by the good news of Jesus Christ in a life changing way.

Pashtun believers – pray that they would grow in their knowledge of God, and by the transforming work of the Holy Spirt grow and be shaped in Christ likeness. Pray they would be bold and courageous in sharing the gospel with others. Pray for their safety amongst those who would seek to do them harm. There are increasing threats from extremists in Taliban controlled areas.

Ministry teams – pray that they would be guided in wisdom and strength to help build and encourage believers, and also to be able share the gospel with those who have not yet believed in Jesus Christ. Pray for the work of media teams in producing materials and resources to support believers and share the gospel amongst the Pashtun.

Resources – pray for the provision of resources and materials to support the work of the ministry. Key needs include:

  • Bibles and teaching resources.
  • Media cards and similar to allow materials to be shared.
  • Support for safe houses and childrens’ education programme (further details below).

Safe Houses – (Hujra) – the ministry supports safe houses for Afghanistan believers fleeing for their safety. Please pray for the safety of those we are sheltering and for the financial resources to provide the accommodation required.

Childrens’ education ministry – please pray for the resources required for teachers and teaching materials to allow the children of believers to continue receiving an education. The cost of discipleship means these children can no longer attend school. So please pray that all the children can continue to receive and education through this work.

Ministry support – please pray for the very small team of people who provide co-ordination and support to the ministry teams in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We are tiny in number at the moment and the demands are significant. Pray for strength and wisdom in the work being undertaken. Please pray for ways in which you can support this work.