Who We Are

We are a group of Pashtuns who have a real heart to reach out to the Pashtun Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan and around the world to share the truth about the eternal life. Pashtuns are the most unreached resistant people group to the Gospel, on the face of the Earth with only few thousand underground believers in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Who We Are -  Map of Pasthun Areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan


There are approximately over 43 million Pashtuns, 29 million in Pakistan and 14million in Afghanistan. No invader could subdue them, from the time of Alexander the Great till today.  ‘To be a Pashtun is to be a Muslim’, a Pashtun will sacrifice everything for the honour of their tribe including their own life. The Taliban are ethnic Pashtuns. It’s a real honour and humbling to know that the Lord has been so gracious in bringing many of them to saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through this small team from indigenous Pashtun background and their knowledge of the language and culture was real gift from the Lord to effectively reach out to them. Please join us in this crucial ministry to bless the souls of these unsaved Pashtuns by sharing the life transforming love of our Lord Jesus.